Silver Natural Zultanite Crystal Earrings *6mm

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About product

  • Crystal Type: Zultanite
  • Crystal Size: 6mm
  • Weight: 1.0g
  • Metal: Silver 925


Zultanite is the most exciting new gemstone of the new millennium for many reasons. First faceted in the late seventies, Zultanite is an extremely rare gemstone that despite its beauty and suitability for jewelry was previously plagued by scant availability. It remained a collector’s item until Zultanite Gems LLC obtained the mining permit in 2006. There is only one mine producing genuine Zultanite, unlike other rare gems that are currently mined by many companies or in many countries. Zultanite is only mined by Zultanite Gems, LLC at a remote location in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey directly from the host rock at an altitude exceeding 1000 meters.

The Turkish deposit remains the world’s only source of Zultanite (color-change, gem quality diaspore). ICA has just added Zultanite to their Gem site and IADC has just announced Zultanite as new gem species during the Tucson show. Genuine Zultanite is recovered using only environmentally safe mining techniques. The miners that work there are all housed and fed by our company. We have had a very positive economic impact on the lives of the miners and the surrounding community. In addition to their color change, Alexandrite and Zultanite’s names both have royal connections, Zultanite being named in honor of The Ottoman Sultans and Alexandrite being named for a Russian Tsar.

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