Natural Optical Calcite Raw Iceland Spar Crystal Stones *100-500g

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Iceland Spar, also known as Clear Calcite or Optical Calcite, is a variety of Calcite that was originally found in Iceland. This mineral is double refractive, meaning objects appearing through it will look as though they’re in two places at once. This Calcite variety is usually completely transparent and has endless amounts of rainbow inclusions within. Iceland Spar was first reported in 1837 by J.D. Dana, but its history dates far before then. 

It is believed that the Vikings used this mineral as a navigator because of its light-polarizing ability, allowing them to always be able to find the sun no matter the weather. Historians believe the “sunstone” that has been commonly referred to in Medieval Icelandic texts is actually Iceland Spar. Further evidence of this is the 1592 shipwreck “Alderney”, which has been found with an Iceland Spar in it’s buried contents.

Another historic study that Iceland Spar was involved in was understanding the nature as light as a wave. This was studied at great lengths by Christiaan Huygens, Isaac Newton, and Sir George Stokes. A man named Augustin-Jean Fresnel published the complete explanation of Iceland Spar’s light polarization effect in the 1820’s.

William Nicol also used Iceland spar when he invented the very first polarizing prism in 1828, called the Nicol Prism. It involved a piece of Iceland Spar cut at a 68 degree angle. Nicol Prisms were once widely used in microscopy and polarimetry.

  • Iceland Spar
  • Includes 1 crystal stone
  • Weight: 100-500g

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