Natural Green Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal *800-900g

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This Green Ghost Quartz is known for it's remarkable healing properties. Like most quartz, energy flows easily though this green specimen. 

Quartz take their place among many electronic devices for their ability to transfer energy freely. 

The phantom or ghost like tips are formed from the presence of chlorite minerals that form during the early stages of metamorphism. This gives the Green Quartz it's body and personality in it's ever changing form. 


Green Ghost Phantom Quartz have been used by civilizations as a way to gather future information from spiritual development. It was thought to bring clarity and inspiration while being used by those assisting in all levels of healing. In more modern times Green Ghost Phantom Quartz are used during meditation in order to help cleanse the aura and put the chakras into better alignment.

  • Natural Green Ghost Phantom
  • Includes 1 crystal
  • Weight: 800-900g

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