The currently most popular product in our store has become our biggest success in our little business. Our crystal keychains seem to be really liked by our customers, so, we decided to reflect and dicuss about it with you by writing this success story, and maybe we‘ll even motivate some of you to pull out the best results out of your hobbies and art.

Crystal keychain with car logo

Me (Richard) and Jim are brothers, and we both have a very big passion towards crystal art. At the very beginning of our business adventure, we were working nine-to-five at jobs that we didn‘t even like that much, no matter, that the jobs were well-paying. So, one day, we met up, and began discussing about this art we both enjoy. Then, my brother proposed me an idea of selling our art locally a little bit, as just a little additional side hustle. I liked the idea, so, in the next few days, we began to offer ourselves to friends, and luckily, one of our friends were planning a wedding in the near future, and requested us to make two medium-sized crystal swans, so they can remember their special day with this relic. We agreed to do this, and began working hard, because the wedding wasn‘t that far away. Of course, we were tired from the nine-to-five work we do, so we procrastinated a little bit. We both believe, that we were lucky to understand on time, that procrastination is really bad, no matter how tired we are, so we came back to work with full effort. After we finished the work, we sold the swans to the friend for a very good price. After this little project, we began to get even more orders from our neighbors, family and friends. We began to make more money, than our jobs paid us, so, after a little discussion, we decided to quit and work full-time in our little arts and crafts industry. The money we earned was modest, but still more than our annoying, but well-paying jobs offered us.

More crystal keychains after we quit our jobs

One day, me and Jim met up once again, we began discussing about our business, and that we should progress even further. It was Jim‘s idea to open an online shop, where we sell our goods. Jim told me, how much he read about creating such online stores, and, that it‘s not that hard, it‘s harder to market the product itself, but not to open the store. The marketing part was the part that scared me the most, since I am not that kind of guy to know much about computers, and especially online marketing. Jim told me, that it‘s not that hard either, and linked me a few YouTube videos explaining how online and social media marketing works. Still, after a lot of arguing, we decided to open the shop.

Our arts and crafts shop

At the same time, I was learning a technique of printing pictures and logos on small crystal items. Richard joined in to help me with that, and, after a few failures and some expensive glass wasted, we finally engraved a car logo on a small crystal ball. Then, we drilled a little hole on the very top, and made this ball into a crystal keychain. It looked astonishing. It was a mixture of minimalism and fanciness, just like it is right now. After we have put the other crystal products in our new online store, we decided to put in the keychains as well. We began to market them on various social media platforms, and we achieved marvelous success. The product was selling so well. I first thought, that it was because of Christmas and New Year celebrations, since we put in that product exactly at that time, when gift ideas were a popular trend. But, even after that, this product was selling really well, so we decided to engrave some more other pictures and logos by the requests of people, and by putting some other famous logos or pictures.

Crystal keychain with a photo

Somewhere in April of 2019, I decided to try out a new technique, to take our keychains on the next level – the LED feature. Well, let‘s just modestly say, that we didn‘t regret that. Our sales were skyrocketing, and now we could afford to move out to the village with our families, since we all loved nature. Not just that, we also opened a little factory for our crystal art, so now we could work in the quiet surroundings of nature.

By writing this story, I am seeking to motivate other artists, not just to make sales, so, I expect, that this story motivated some of you to follow your dreams, instead of wasting your time somewhere, that you don‘t even like working. Thank you for reading, and follow our newsletter to receive more blog content.