Every time you give a gift, the receiver mostly cares about its sentimental value. Your loved one most likely want a gift, that brings back the memories. We have already covered why keychains are the best gift idea, we‘d still like to dig deeper into the sentimental gift ideas. You see, in our family sentimentality is something, that we value a lot, and we want to show our customers, that gifts can‘t be given for some pointless reasons. They, at least, should have some sentimental or humorous meaning. Of course, it‘s your freedom to choose, whether you want to give a gift for other reasons, or for our mentioned ones. Our point is to display, that we want to provide meaningful gifts, not to just massivelly sell some product.

Sentimental gift heart shaped

Without further ado, we‘d like to offer you great sentimental gifts for your loved ones. One of them is this keychain. The keychain is in the shape of a hear, and inside that heart we print in a custom photo of your choice. This is a very thoughtful gift, as it is very practical to always have a keychain, so, your most meaningful moments stay with your loved one(-s) forever!

Keychain gift sentimental gift

Another perfect sentimental gift we have to offer is not as practical for everyday use, but it’s a great gift to decorate the receiver’s interior with these beautiful customized photos, printed into crystal glass. There are many varieties of this product, so you have to put in some thought before buying the gift – but it will make your loved ones really happy! We ensure, that it will be worth it.

Customized photo gift

Nowadays, where everything is becoming more and more industrialized, a lot of people begin to really value the hand-crafted items, so, the fact that this gift you’re giving them actually had a lot of human “sweat” invested into it, is great already! It adds a lot into the sentimental side of the gift, and it makes it feel way different. Yes, it is imperfect, but that’s the main point in humanity – we’re not perfect. And crystal artworks like ours prove that. And that’s what makes us, creatives, unique!