LED technology is playing a very big role in the keychains we‘re selling. And we probably couldn‘t imagine our products without it. LED is like that cool friend a lot of us have, it‘s just that it‘s a friend of the keychains we make. I (Richard) and Jim have been learning to implement the LED technique in our crystal products for many years – and these keychains are the result of our hard work and willingness to learn. We have tried tons of methods to insert the LED glow and the method we do now, has become our “secret“ recipe in our “kitchen“ of crystal art.

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A lot of crystal art specialists believe, that LED technologies don‘t add that much to the art itself, it just covers up the odds of the main thing itself. We wanted to change this stereotype in our industry, by introducing LED keychains in our product category. LED in this product doesn‘t cover up the odds of the main thing, instead, it fills it in with more colors and makes it look more vibrant, and better in general.

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We believe, that the main recipe of our crystal keychain success is LED technology indeed. Yes, the main keychain looks really good, but the glowing colorful light just brings in more aesthetic, especially in the dark. It just tops it off like a cherry on a good cake. With that being said, we want to thank you for reading our blog, and supporting our work by buying our products, because we‘re a small arts and crafts business, and money gives us more opportunities to get noticed.